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ESCO’s Youth Leadership Program is available to youth in grades 6-12 and provides opportunities and experiences that foster leadership development, youth empowerment, and self-reflection. Aimed at promoting personal and social development, it is our goal to discover and enhance leadership skills and attitudes. We want our players/leaders to realize their potential and build the confidence to be leaders on and off the field.

2019-20 Program Fee: $55.00
(this includes a tshirt)

Link to Youth Leadership Program Registration
Registration is required by Friday, August 30

There are five levels of leadership and responsibility the Youth Leadership Program focuses on:

  1. Self-Discipline
  2. Self-Direction
  3. Helping-Being a Team player
  4. Leader on the Field
  5. Leader off the field (applying the first 4 levels to everyday life)

We are looking for applicants that are serious about committing to the expectations below.

2019-20 Youth Leadership Program
The program will run from mid-September through May. There will be seven leadership training meetings and four community service projects.

Meeting Dates: Sept. 15, Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Jan. 12, Feb. 16, Mar. 15, Apr. 19 (all from 6:00pm-7:30pm)

ALL Youth Leaders are expected to:

  • Attend at least five leadership meetings
  • Participate in our four service projects
  • Volunteer at least 10 hours throughout the year (service projects count)

There will be volunteer coaching opportunities through our free soccer programs for underserved youth with CCSD59 and CCSD21. These sessions are in the fall and spring and are for kids in grades 2-5.

2019-20 Program Fee: $55.00
(this includes a tshirt)

Link to Youth Leadership Program Registration
Registration required by Friday, August 30

Digital Portfolios
As part of your involvement with the Youth Leadership program, all youth leaders will be responsible for creating a DIGITAL PORTFOLIO with a medium/app of your choice. The digital portfolio is a great way for you to connect with your Youth Leadership participation throughout the year and reflect on your Leadership and Responsibility Levels: Self-Discipline, Self-Direction, Being a Team Player, Leader on the field, Leader off the field.

Your digital portfolio will serve as a reflective tool and a visual reminder of what you personally are getting out of your experience as a Youth Leader. More information about the digital portfolio will be given during our first YL meeting and there will be a share out session at the end of the year with other Youth Leaders. The portfolio can be whatever you decide, so be creative and have fun with it!

A few options, but not limited to the following:

  • Two-minute video
  • Brief Power Point Presentation / Prezi / Google Slides
  • Digital picture collage

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