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Elite Soccer Community Organization (ESCO) Develops Youth and Community Through Soccer.


years developing youth and community through soccer


youth leaders – giving back to the community


300+ kids participating in ESCO’s free soccer programs


$14,000 awarded in college scholarships

Building Strong Leaders

ESCO provides youth with opportunities to lead, learn and build stronger communities. 

ESCO’s mission is to develop youth and community through soccer in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

ESCO values social responsibility, character, leadership and education.

Elite Soccer Community Organization

Over the Years

NovEMBER 2010


In an effort to build stronger leaders and community through soccer, the Elite Soccer Community Organization (ESCO) was formed. 



501 (c)(3) status

ESCO obtained its IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in November 2011.


College Scholarship Fund Established

To date, ESCO has provided $12,000 in college scholarships to current and former Elite Soccer Club soccer players and/or ESCO Youth Leaders who are current and former Elite S.C. soccer players and/or ESCO Youth Leaders who are outstanding citizens.


Soccer Financial Assistance Fund Established

In an effort to lessen the financial burden of soccer programming for families in the community, the Soccer Financial Assistance Fund was established.

Advisory Board

Elite Soccer Community Organization‘s Advisory Board are a diverse group of dedicated individuals who all have a passion for building stronger communities by developing youth.

About Elite Soccer Community Organization 1

Michael Steele – President, Elite Soccer of America

Sport, and all the stakeholders involved (players, parents, coaches, and organizations) can have a powerful effect on a person’s development and that is what I experienced through my playing years. Thus, ESCO was created to dig even deeper and more deliberately so that more youth participants have the opportunity to build leadership skills and learn how to positively impact their community.


Joe Tomaino - Treasurer – Accounting Manager, The Martin-Brower Company

I am proud to be on the ESCO Board because of the opportunities we provide to the children impacted by our events & fundraisers and the life skills our Youth Leaders are developing as they become the next generation of leaders. 
Jay Casaletto – Executive Director – K-12 Assessment Consultant, Riverside Insights

Jay Casaletto - Executive Director - Manager of Customer Success, Riverside Insights

Sports played a major part in my life growing up and now do for my three children. The life lessons gained through sport (teamwork, leadership, commitment, time management) are important skills I wanted my kids to develop, but I also wanted them to learn the importance of giving back. I too wanted to become more involved in my community and the soccer/service relationship of ESCO are the perfect way my family and I can give back to our community and help those in need.

Brad Abel – Teacher, Soccer Coach at Hersey High School, ESCO

Rob Moore – Director of Community Outreach and Youth Leadership Coordinator

Helping as many people as I can is something I have strived for my entire life. As an Elite Soccer coach, I can help players grow as athletes and as a Director with ESCO, I can help players grow as leaders. I am honored to be a part of an organization that helps the community and lets them know someone cares and will be there to help.

About Elite Soccer Community Organization 2

Stein Garcia – Director of Coaching, Elite Soccer Club

I am honored to be on the ESCO board to support the mission of developing youth and community through soccer. I am a true believer that soccer can be utilized as a  vehicle for youth leadership, youth empowerment and community service. Being a part of ESCO allows me an even greater opportunity to impact the players and families in the club and in our community.   
Lici Lytle – Freelance Producer, WMAQ-TV Chicago

Lici Lytle – Freelance Producer, WMAQ-TV Chicago

I am committed to ESCO because the organization serves as a valuable non-profit service provider to our community; helps young people learn the value of volunteerism; and inspires the next generation of leaders. The Youth Leaders have the opportunity to see and feel the immediate impact of their actions because it is a smaller, grass-roots organization.

Tracy Roehrick – Assistant Principal, Lake Bluff Elementary School

Tracy Roehrick – Assistant Principal, Lake Bluff Elementary School

The reason that I am on the ESCO board is because soccer was an important part of my life when I was growing up as well as an important part of my own son’s life. For these reasons, I want to help other children have access to soccer and leadership opportunities through soccer.
Cortney Wascher – President/Owner, Anderson Lock

Cortney Wascher – President/Owner, Anderson Lock

I believe the ESCO Youth Leadership Program provides opportunities and experiences which promote teamwork, discipline, and leadership through volunteering and community service projects. My children have been involved with this program since being sixth graders. Because of the connection to soccer, a sport they love, it has been easy for them to commit their time, energy and dedication to ESCO. I am happy to support this program by serving on the ESCO board.


“Elite Soccer is a model program that goes above and beyond to reach out to the surrounding communities. They provide an opportunity for our students to acquire soccer skills from professional coaches, build confidence and engage in team-building activities. This allows for our school to benefit from the transference of these critical skills which brings a whole new level of energy to Frost.”

Jeffrey Brusso

Principal, Robert Frost Elementary School

“We are so thankful for the time, effort, and education that ESCO provides to so many students and families in District 59. Not only does ESCO provide a service to our community free of charge, but they engage students in a safe, structured play that promotes self-esteem, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and endless social and emotional development. Thanks for all you do to engage our community!”

Dr. Katie Ahsell

Exec. Director of Student Growth and Equity, CCSD59


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ESCO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization centered on developing youth and community through soccer.